The Micro Automatic Power Generator

The Micro Automatic Power Generator of Reelcause can supply electricity anywhere in the world including mountains or islands. It can produce the instantaneous power of 300 – 400w or 5kw to hundreds of kW per hour. The biggest advantage is that compared to the solar power that is only available for about 4 hours a day or wind power that is only available for about 5 hours a day, the Micro Automatic Power Generator can create clean energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a wear anywhere in the world without being limited to the time, location, weather or any other natural environment.

1. Magnetic Engine

The Micro Automatic Power Generator contains magnetic rotators that create rotational energy by using the magnetic field. The magnetic field is bigger when made by spinning compared to the electric field through the orbital movement (movement around the nucleus) of electrons. Thus, the energy is created by the magnetic engine without any other fuels.


2. Microgenerator

The Micro Automatic Power Generator uses the micro generator to produce electricity. The microgenerator can produce a high amount of electric energy output even with a small amount of kinetic energy. And the source of the kinetic energy is the magnetic engine.


3. ESS (Energy Storage System)

Reelcause makes sure to sure the high performance and efficient storage device for the clean energy we create with the Micro Automatic Power Generator. The Energy Storage System is made up of the control device and storage battery to manage charging and discharge, and it is suitable for various uses (i.e.: household energy storage device, community energy storage device, utility-scale auxiliary services, etc.).

What is the convergence generation system?

It is Renewable Magnetic Engine Convergence Generation System. Eco-friendly system that produces electric energy by integrating magnetic engines with solar power, wind power, and hydropower


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