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2017 Reeclause business strategies

Jan 29, 2017

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Las Vegas, NV -

James Robert Ford, C.E.O. of the Reeclause Inc., received an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Analitica Constructivista De Mexico ( For the first quarter of 2017, he planned genuine overseas expansion strategy by constructing TFT with companys boiler products.
James Robert Ford constructed production line throughout 2016 and is currently manufacturing its boiler in Republic of Korea. Starting 2017, he has designated Mexico area as the outpost for both Central and South America market invasion. 
Reeclause Inc. also looks forward to set on taking over the markets in the States. In order to install the dedicated assembly line in the State of Nevada, James Robert Ford have finished preparing for the land sale contract and currently assembly line factory is  under construction. 
When James Robert Ford took over the company in 2016, he examined various business developments, but decided to concentrate exclusively on the boiler project.
The Reeclause Inc participated in the official sponsorship of the 2016 World Taekwondo Championship, which was held in Las Vegas. As a new company, it has established a successful relationship with the local community. James Robert Ford also stressed social responsibility of corporations to the local community. He looks forward to see how our projects improve the community and touch people's lives. 

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