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Boiler technology

Jan 29, 2017

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Las Vegas, NV - Reeclause Inc's main Boiler has the following patent technology.

Water molecules with centrifugal force of the water molecule bubble, Let it collapse, synthesis, climbing passed the repetitive heat generation process, molecules are generated tremendous heat energy and where water is instantaneously found to rise to 1500 degrees even in this boiler technology one application is the Russian space engineering in the renewable energy business, "technology acknowledges and hot water boilers and air-conditioning equipment and related fields such as Heat source technology patent system

Fuel savings

Zero percent Businesses carbon emissions heating equipment, oil compared to 64 pr
Gas against 40 percent.  Businesses savings generated electricity compared to 40 percent

Enviorment Friendly

It does not use fossil fuels, eco-friendly carbon dioxide blocks (CO2) with inherently closed.
Since raising the water temperature of the electric motor alone drives the station there is a risk of explosion safety advantages as green energy without carbon emissions

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