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Apr 18, 2017

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Las Vegas, NV - 54-2 saje-dong susung-gu DAEGU, KOREA
Tel: 82 10 8582 6987  Mr. Kim Sang do
1.Our company installed our boiler two months ago at the address above
2. The size of the boiler is 75kw/hr
3. 75kw/hr is equal to 39 liters of gasoline.
4. At the sauna, the electricity cost oh about $4,000 a month was reduced to $1,500
5. A saving of about $2,500
6.75kw/hr is the size that can be installes in hotel
7.We will also install it Las Vegas in future to show the saving of our boiler.
8. I uploaded a picture of the installed boiler on the photo side

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Patrick Finnegan, CEO 
Fliktrax, LLC 
phone: 201.390.3182

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