TitleReelCause, Inc Announces CEO and COINBEA Global, Inc. 2017-12-27 20:36:58
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ReelCause, Inc Announces CEO and COINBEA Global, Inc.

Make a Leap Forward – Tina Alicea – CEO

Las Vegas, NV, December 19, 2017: ReelCause, Inc. USA would like to announce and introduce our new CEO,

Tina Alicea and the grand opening of the Coin International Exchange (COINBEA Global Inc.)

Alicea’s professional background includes business development, technology and marketing backgrounds

which have a proven record for maximizing budget dollars while delivering organizations their desired results.

Having over 27 years of domestic, and international, experience with both commercial and government

provides core strengths indigenous to all business industries – ReelCause, Inc. is excited to have her as our


Her professional experience includes: technology integration, revenue cycle, policy and procedural manuals,

humanitarian and non-profit, digital marketing radio, as well as social and government contracting.

Alicea holds an MBA in Management from Marketing Keller Graduate School of Management; a Bachelor's in

English, as well as Minors in Business, Computers, and Law from Marquette University.

Tina Alicea, the CEO of ReelCause, Inc., has decided to enter the global business of 2018 and declared a new

future of business.

ReelCause, Inc. has other affiliated companies with new projects. A global cryptocurrency has opened a stock

exchange code “block-chain” based, and an on-and-off-line simultaneous payment system. This virtual

currency will be available through December and will be launched with the top-notch slogan worldwide.

COINBEA Global Inc. Codex Exchange is a system that allows you to buy and sell other coins such as Bitcoin /

Ethereum. It is currently internationally owned by US B's co-operative in New York and Korea's KOSDAQ listed

company P listed in JASDAQ and is in the service of the Coin Exchange, and for the first time as the NASDAQ

OTC Market Registrar, the Codex Exchange is opened for the first time.

Tina Alicea - CEO, COINBEA Global Inc. will focus on securing system stability of shareholder personal

information from leaking from exchanges.

As COINBEA Global Inc. is an encryption exchange supported by ReelCause, Inc., we have prepared a proper

encryption exchange with not only fortifying system security but also securing transparency and reliability,

managing personal information, and systematic management stability in response to customer service.

On August 16, 2017, ReelCause, Inc. registered the block-chain encryption currency trading system. Strategic

alliances are in place to build a global network of encryption currencies, with major exchanges, such as: South

America, South East Asia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa, Hong Kong and Japan. 


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