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2018 Message of the new year

Las Vegas, NV, January 2, 2018:

Happy 2018 to you, dear everyone.

We wish you great happiness in your home with peace.

Our Reelcause Group hopes a year of great happiness and success for you.

The new year in 2018 has been set for the year of the Leap and has been prepared for years to get into the whole business to fruition.

So, by recruiting and collaborating with experts in each field, we have established some professional affiliates and have applied and obtained various approvals required for the business.

Also, as a specialized company in energy, we start to advance the alternative energy and energy savings business by “HIENERGY USA” and the United States Goodwill agreement. HIENERGY USA has to verify the various forms of technology to build a place to show an overall item, including support urban wind power generators and streetlights, CCTV, Wi-Fi repeaters, ESS batteries based on the Vanadium and electric car charging stations. We have been working to support our sales activities in the United States of Reelcause.

Our company established an online travel agency called J-well tour with a joint venture which is the world’s largest travel agency for well-being. As we began to operate in the United States, we built our infrastructure to provide the lowest quality travel with high quality to our members around the world, and we have all prepared to make a new start of the high-quality journey in 2018.

We have established Coinbea Global which can trade with the cryptographic currencies (or cryptocurrency) that is a fad in the world. We have prepared a financial insurance business license to launch the exchange which is possible to do high-quality, secure and fast encryption transactions in about 5 to 8 countries which open concurrently in the United States and South Korea, including the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Peru, South America, South Africa, etc.

We are glad to inform you that our new business of the company and it is likely that each affiliated company has a dramatic and significant impact on a business plan.

Thank you for your business in 2017. We desire a lot of attention and encouragement and wish you all the happiness again. Have a wonderful 2018!

Reelcause Group



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