TitleUnder the slogan ‘New Start, New Challenge,New Success for Global Innovation’ Reelcause Inc. 2018-05-15 11:58:07

  Under the slogan ‘New Start, New Challenge, New Success for Global Innovation’ Reelcause Inc. will devote itself to three advanced types of renewable energy items by obtaining the international distribution rights.


Far-infrared ray is well known as beneficial to our body as well as vegetation among rays emitted by sun. It is used for a variety of purposes such as muscle therapy, sterilization of medical equipment, or plant cell activation for rapid growth. Utilizing these far-infrared rays, new 3KW/4.5KW boilers for domestic use and 30 KW/50 KW boilers for industrial use have been developed.

Also, the company has released cables for exclusive heating system utilizing multipurpose far-infrared heating rays for cattle, plantation, building materials, or medical equipment. The new technology is expected to save approximately 70% of power usage compared to other similar boilers and heating products. The retail price of its products is lower than other similar products which put the products in an advantageous position in the market. The newly released products will enable the idea of zero energy homes to be implemented with the help of the technology of integrating small-sized wind power generators and solar systems with nano alloy heating cables.

Furthermore, Reelcause, Inc. signed a contract for distribution rights of Energy generating devices using small-sized wind power generators in US. Accordingly, street lights with off-grid 300W wind power generators and power generating systems for domestic and industrial uses utilizing 3KW small wind turbines are available. The company signed on distribution contract for new ESS products so that it expanded into an electric vehicle charging business and emergency backup power supply business using VRFB 


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