OMGE Boiler

1.ReelCause R&D Profile

• Company name : OMGE Global Inc.
• CEO : Im-Joo Hwa
• Product : Water molecular Electric Boiler HOT WATER PUMP
• Location : 1st Factory / 169-437, Jingeononam-ro 390beon-gil, Jingeon-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 2nd Factory / 73, Sono-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
• Number of Employee : 12 employees
• Partner : Eco A Energy / Six Works / In Woo Inc.
• Intellectual property and license : 1 patent, PCT application (150 countries) / 6 design registrations / 8 test reports

2.Environment Analysis(Boiler Industry)

3.Micro-Bubble Boiler

4.Product list

5.Technology and certificates owned by affiliates, subcontractor

6.New Product Development

7.Micro-Wave Boiler

ReelCause R&D OMGE KOREA used graphene and microwave and invented boiler Mega Dielectric Heating Material (MDHM). MDHM is an energy related new material that used superconductivity graphene material and heats up at extremely high speeds by friction caused by graphene absorbs the microwave. Agricultural electric boiler is MDHM that saves a lot of energy.
Micro-Wave Boiler, which used MDHM and microwave, is currently applied for patent for its excellent performance and ability to boil the water. Able to apply for government grant business such as agricultural machinery association registration, and with its low maintenance costs and excellent economic performance, it can be introduced and used in the plant nursery, vegetable growing facilities, and flower houses.

Temperature of boiler water rises in a shorter time (reaches 500-800℃ within 10 minutes) than regular boiler.
It almost never breaks and does not make soot and other suspended solids after combustion.
Noise and vibration are very small since only circulation pump makes noise and vibration when it rotates.
The capacity is not limited, therefore, extra-large size can be produced.
Does not have to install new pipe since it can be connected to existing pipe.
It is easy to connect with the heater, so it can be used wherever the heat is wanted.
It can be easily installed in any location, and can be installed without additional peripheral facilities and devices, which other boilers and gas boiler require. In addition, since it uses floor heating pipe of existing boiler, it is easy to install and automatic adjustment allows users to control the boiler easily, which makes it easy to operate without risks such as increasing heating bill, refueling, or leakage.

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