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The meaning of the symbol: It is a compound word of the reel and cause of the compass model. It means that M&A (recruitment) of a reasoned item or talent is suggested to provide a future-oriented direction.

Outline-The 4th Industrial Revolution and Future Strategy

REELCAUSE.INC, an American NASDAQ OTC company, is trying to enter the global market through innovative green hydrogen production technology and hydrogen drones based on the technology, hydrogen vehicle charging business, and zero-energy buildings based on hydrogen heat-combined power plants. The 4th industrial revolution under the goal of being an innovative company in 21C new and renewable energy by reinforcing global market leadership and reinforcing technological capabilities based on eco-friendly and professional technology We aim to develop as a key growth engine in the future.

** Target products

1. Hydrogen

2. Smart Farm

– Air Chun Vinyl House/Bio Fertilizer/Far Infrared Heating Line

3. Small Wind Power

– Cooperation with HIENERGYGLOBAL(www.hienergyglobal.com)

4.Hydrogen Drone

– Cooperation with hybee company (www.hybee.co.kr)


Global making plan (185 branches established total)

– Established branches in 100 countries

– 1 U.S. Branch (51 locations)

– 1 branch in China (34 locations)