P2G(Power to Gas)System

Power generation using hydrolysis chamber (H2 100% + H2O = hydrolysis chamber) Turbine power generation is a CO2-free power plant that does not emit any greenhouse gases. In principle, production is as follows.

Global hydrogen energy consumption is expected to reach about 22% of the total by 2050 thanks to carbon neutrality in 2050.

The safety of hydrogen

According to the advice of experts, hydrogen is evaluated to be safer than city gas It is a structure of a different dimension that is generally incomparable as nuclear reactions take place in the phase.

Hydrogen has one proton, deuterium has one proton and one neutron, and tritium has one proton and two neutrons.

Hydrogen is the lightest gas (14 times that of air) among all elements on Earth, and experts say that it is safer than LPG or LNG because it is blown away when exposed to air.
Since LPG and LNG are heavier than air, they are stored in basements or low places, so there is a risk of explosion at any time depending on external influences.