Small wind power energy solution

-The 2nd Lotte World Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Korea and the 6th tallest in the world

-Installed on the roof of the top floor at 553 meters to supply energy such as aviation flashing

  • Rotor rotor blade connection, central axis of wind power generator.
  • Blades blades The blades rotated by the wind.
  • The same structure as the wing of a lift blade airplane,
  • Increases acceleration by generating tension and enables rapid acceleration several times the wind speed.
  • It transmits the necessary force when starting the drag blade and is suitable for various winds.
  • Easy to change lift after acceleration of drag.
  • Generator Generator A device that converts blade rotation into electrical energy.
  • Even if the wind of the PMG (permane nt magnet) type generator stops
  • Since there is no rotational resistance due to no load, the amount of energy recovery is excellent when the wind blows again without stopping for a certain period of time.
  • Controller A device that charges/controls generated electric energy into a battery (rechargeable battery).
  • Battery battery Stores generated electricity and supplies power to the required power source.

Features of HIENERGY wind power generation

Minimize wind resistance

Even in the same vertical type, due to the difference in area affected by the wind, other companies’ products are bent or damaged and have thermal errors, whereas this product is designed to traverse the flow of the wind, and thermal errors are minimal by minimizing damage.

Power generation capable of breeze operation

The PMG (permanent magnet) type generator is a generator composed of permanent magnets without gears and coils, and unlike other products, it is possible to operate in a fine wind.

Regardless of the wind direction (360 degrees)

In the case of other companies’ products, the amount of energy decreases in the case of a headwind, but our products increase further. Energy can be converted to wind in all directions

Resolving noise by rotation

Since there is no friction due to no gears and coils, it solves the problem of coating and noise caused by bearings when rotating the blades.

Excellent maintenance and structural stability

Excellent durability and structural stability of the product through the blade structure of the double bonding method and anodizing treatment

Double wing structure inside and outside

The structure of the inner wing of SAVONIUS BLADES enabling gentle wind driving and the outer wing of DARIUS BLADES realizing high efficiency

Products with the advantages of lift and scent type

Starts operation with little wind. Even if the wind stops, there is no rotational resistance due to no-load, so it does not stop for a long time and has excellent energy recovery when the wind blows again.

High efficiency by accelerating the retreat angle

More energy mass is generated even at the same wind speed (in case of other products, it is proportional to the wind speed)